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kaseya server perfomance is very very slow

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  • what are the server specs?

  • on C drive total free space is 20gb out of 80gb

    on D drive total free space is 400 gb out of 600gb

  • sata / sas / scsi / ide drives?

    how many RAM? how many RAM in use/free?

    how about CPU usage?

  • What does performance manager say on the KServer as well? CPU? RAM? Disk? Is the sqlserver.exe process using high amounts of CPU?

  • CPU--100%

    RAM---8.25gb out of 24GB

    yes  sqlserver.exe process using high amount of CPU

  • how is your DISK IO in performance manager?

    did you just upgrade your K server or a module?

  • need CPU specs.. what speed CPU is it?  How many cores, threads?  Help us help you.

  • if i will stop mail generating fromkaseya server cpu utilisation comming to normal state i.e 60-70% utilisation its showing

  • Do you have separete servers for web and database?

    what kind of CPU are u using? dual core/quad core?

    what disk performance do you have?

    if you have your server specs OK and still have this kind of CPU usage, there must be something wrong in your setup. please give more info about your hardware....

  • How many agents do you have checking in?

  • Are you collecting event logs and emailing these to a support account.  I've seen a similar problem when all alerts were being forwarded to a monitoring email account.

    If you go to System - Outbound Email choose the Log tab and see how many emails have been sent on a particular day.

    You might also want to go to System > Statistics and click the semi-hidden link Statistics Collected which will show you various graphs of how well your system is performing, you do need to know a little of what these mean but most are self explanatory.

  • Good morning!

    Reviewing what info you have given it looks like you either didn't scale your server correctly (not enough resources, or you did it in a virtual with not enough resources), or you are collecting too much data (D drive using 200 GB of data). I recommend that you immediately submit a support ticket and ask them to review your server so they can correctly advise you on what you need to do to fix this.