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Best way to setup monitoring

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Ok we have a 50 or so sites to monitor, and nightly backups, throw up 100's of alerts eg cpu above 100% for x amount of time, SQL and it goes on, making the job for those who check in the morning a nightmare..

currently we have stopped or are doing limited monitoring of performance counters, as trawling through a sea of alerts just takes up too much time.


how, without disabling alerts during backup periods can we stop the checking of performance counters?, if we disable alerts, we have missed some critical things that have happened.

we need to monitor Terminal services, SQL, Exchange and general performance, without the alerts from things being hammered during the backups.

Auto learn, if  learning during a backup period, will set the cpu max to 100% and then never alert during the day it it hits 100% for x time. The auto learn would work fine, if you can set it to only learn between set times over a period of a week, to ignore backups..


So my questions

1. can I get kaseya to ignore certain alarms during certain times, rather than ignore all

2.can I get auto learn do its learning during working hours

3. can I make an auto learn monitor set to apply to new customer server without having to manually set 100's of auto learn bits to apply.

4 are we doing this all wrong, bearing in mind our system was setup with the help of a kaseya person, it just doesnt do what we want..






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  • hi we had a similar issue the only solution we got for this which while fiddly works for us .

    When kaseya generates an alert it sends an email to our connectwise server via our exchange. We setup transport rules on the exchange box to block certain types of emails then we created schedules in task scheduler using powershell to enable and disable the transport rules.

    So after 7pm at night we disable performance monitoring on disks and the like but all other alerts are left to work away. Has worked ever since we put it in although a little messy.

  • The answer to the first 3 of your questions is no at this point in time. The 4th question's answer you will have to consider on your own.

    Kaseya core Monitoring unlike other more well known monitoring solutions does not have the inbuilt ability (in the core module) to suspend specific monitor sets at specific times, it is pretty much an all or nothing feature to suspend alarms. KNM might be able to do this If anybody out there that uses KNM yet can confirm this I would also like to know.

    The way I'm doing Backup monitoring is very similar to how Kaseya's Service Desk can be configured to handle tickets, instead of just generating an email alert, ticket or an Alarm, I trigger a Kaseya procedure that checks what time and day the event occurred on and depending on some predefined values in my procedure it will then execute a fake process that in turn gets picked up by a process monitor set which will generating an email alert or an Alarm.

    If KNM can do this, it might be the way to go as the above method requires time and a lot of effort.