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Alerts/Monitors not firing when SNMP Traps received

  • I have configured an SNMP Trap Monitor, to fire when KNM receives traps for a Link Down notification from a Cisco 2960 switch, and filtered based on OID.

    I've confirmed the SNMP traps make it to KNM and are received correctly, however the Monitor/Alert never fires.

     SNMP Traps received, as per below...

    Configuration of Monitor as per below...

    Also confirmed Wireshark sees it as a proper linkDown trap..

    Can someone please help me explain why the monitor/alert never fires?


  • A problem like this has been fixed in a recent build, you do not include any build number in your post so its hard to tell if this applies to your version.

    Also, this is the wrong forum, the correct for KNM support is:


  • Hello good afternoon.

    I'm new to KNM and am having trouble monitor cisco ports on my router,

    I would like to monitor UP and DOWN ports on network interfaces.

    I find myself without a configuration solution for this, if possible send me documentation or help Printes of how to perform such a function would thank all screen.

    Thank you.