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Create Agent Procedure to Send Email with Machine Name

  • I'm trying to set up an agent procedure that will email me when a server reboots due to an MS Update install.  I see where to add the agent procedure in the Reboot Action and have tested that part fine, but I'd like to add the machine name to the email itself.  Preferably, the email subject and body would look like this:


    Subject: Server <NAME> Rebooted Due to MS Update

    Body: MS Updates has caused <NAME> to reboot.


    How would you edit the procedure to get that done?

  • Use any of the following variables in your email:

    #vAgentConfiguration.Machine_GroupID# A concatenated representation of the machine id and the group id it is associated with.

    #vAgentConfiguration.machName# Machine Name used for each agent

    #vAgentConfiguration.groupName# Group Name used for each agent

  • And, use this to get your email address: #adminDefaults.adminEmail#

    This way, it will automatically send to whoever schedules it...

  • I've had a little problem with #adminDefaults.adminEmail# since we upgraded to 6.3 - I'm not getting any e-mails. Anyone else who have this problem?