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Log Parser - Fetch new entries at middle of log file.

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Hello guys,

I'm rinning a log parser on a *.txt file similar to this one:






Im running a SQL Stored Procedure that creates this results.

Sometimes new log entries ar inserted in the middle of the file and not at the bottom.

Kaseya Log Parser sees this as a complete change and will report ALL the results back instead of only the new inserted one.


Any solution for this?

Thank you!

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  • No. There is no solution (that I know of) for this issue. I'd say that you're very lucky that your parser functions at all in this situation. The "Log Parser" is a dumb parser and has little latitude if the results change in the manner you indicate and particularly if the format changes at all. I don't know your specific situation and what you're trying to achieve but is it possible that you can format your results from your SQL procedure such that new entries are at the bottom of the file instead of relying on the Log Parser to have any sense?