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Internet usage alarm?

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    Is it possible to setup an alarm which will email me if/when a user uses 1gig of internet traffic for example? -i have enabled the bandwith monitor but one user managed to upload 10gig and I want to be alerted to this as its happening for example...

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  • Are you only interested in internet traffic?  If so that makes this difficult and a third party tool would be your best solution.  However if you just wanted to monitor network traffic you could use a monitor set based on the NIC counters of Bytes Transmitted/Received though this would assume that the machine is restarted daily or at very least the counters are reset.

  • Yes, just internet traffic. The users leave their machines on and this isnt the first time the machine has uploaded a large amount of data, at first I thought it was a rootkit but I beleive otherwise now.

    The average usage for the month per machine is around 300mb so if anyone uses over 1gig it would be alarming regardless, it would be great if I could get an alert stating "xPC has used over 1gig internet traffic" - Then I could login right away and investigate.