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how to change E-Mail sending intervall

  • Hey,

    we are working with Managed Service Edition - G1 : and found out, that the Kaseya Server checks every 2 minutes, if there are e-mails to sent, if yes it sends all mails collected until then.

    Is there somehow a way to change this intervall????

    Thanks for helping :)

  • What i did now is creating a Kaseya script which starts the "C:\Kaseya\KServer\EmailDaemonExe.exe". I can decide how often the script runs.

    i dont like this solution, so if anybody has a better idea i would be thankfull :)

  • Go to System>Server Management>Outbound Email> Click on edit thing just below General.

    Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

  • Hey,

    what do you mean with "edit thing"?

    We are using Kaseya Managed Service Edition - G1  :

    Here is a screenshot with the only place where i can configure e-mail settings


  • I don't know about Kaseya Managed Service Edition - G1  :, but if you are master admin here is what i meant

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  • oops could not add screen shot, may be post is locked. You PM me your email so i can send you screen shot.