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Is it possible to schedule to ignore alarms over specified times but still allow monitor sets?

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I have previously been using the Monitor > Status > Suspend Alarm feature. This places the agent into "Maintenance Mode" and ignores all alarms but am I right in assuming that this disables all monitor sets as well?

I just wish to be able to ignore say for example a system down from a server or machine in the early hours of the morning but If the device does go down in the early hours and is still down by say 6:00am then I want an alarm to pop up and also for it to log what time the machine went down, all of the usual information I'd get with an alarm.

So it should monitor and log system downs but not generate alarms between say for example 1:00am and 6:00am.


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  • Back before 6.1 came out I asked could the suspend alarms feature not be added to the agent procedures, that way you could suspend alarms before you did maintenance or ran a script, I was told great idea but never happened. The suspend alarms has not been touched and seriously needs some love.

    If you suspend alarms my understanding is when the suspend is over once your rearm kicks in you will get the message - so if your Agent Offline is set to rearm every 30 minutes then once the suspend turns off at 6am the next time that 30min laps which could be 6.01am you will get an alarm generated.

    Suspend does shut off all alerting but does not stop the monitoring.

  • Push! Kaseya! Push!

    Read .... great idea mmartin!

  • I think everyone is in agreement that this is a highly desirable feature, one several of us were advised would happen but allas we are still waiting. :(

  • Great idea - would love to be able to do this via scripts.

    Come on Kaseya - it can't be that difficult to implement!

  • I have worked with many different monitor sets.  Most of them have been home grown applications.  This is my first time specifically working with Kaseya.  This is the first server monitoring tool that I have used that doesn't have this feature, and it is very annoying to not have it.  I have backup sets that run on quite a few of the servers in my enviroment.  At 2:30am everyday I get CPU alerts from Kaseya for 10 different servers on my WAN.  I don't want to disable all monitoring, because I would like to know if something else happens to break around that time, but I most certainly don't need 10 different CPU tickets everyday!

    Has anybody heard of any plans to implement this feature?  There seem to be a lot of articles about wanting this specifically desired feature.

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    I agree that this functionality is sorely needed.  Alternatively, we know that the Kaseya Agent knows when "Automatic Updates" are starting and when they're finished, and when the "Reboot Action" is triggered and the reboot is complete, so might it also be possible to add a checkbox to the "Automatic Update" schedules to "Suspend alarms during automatic update and unsuspend when complete" and the same checkbox also be added to the "Reboot Action" scheduling window as well?

    If that's a bit too ambitious, I'd still settle for a "Suspend Alarms" step in an Agent Procedure, which I could schedule to run before the Automatic Update or the Reboot Action... just an extra step, but as long as the functionality to schedule alarm suspension is there, I'm still happy.

    ... any thoughts?

  • ... push ....

    It's a must have.

    Please ...

    .. and one question. Where have Kaseya a Feature-Request-System live UsersVoice? Autotask uses it ... it's really a great way for interaction with your users ... kaseyas ...

  • Hi Sonny,

    Are you getting the alerts via Microsoft Exchange - if so can you not filter them at exchange.

    We do this for all our disk performance monitoring - we activate a transport rule to ignore emails with certain topics during certain hours....

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  • You can script a process that removes the Create Alarm Flag from specific monitor sets applied to specific machines , then puts it back again at some later stage. So simply scheduling this script effectively suspends the Alarms for only those monitor sets you want to "suspend" and leaves the others untouched

    This can be made to work for Monitoring , EventSets , Alerts etc etc

  • Yeah but people need to be able to suspend all alarms for a short time, maybe even agent offline alarms for machines which take an age to restart.

  • If its ALL alarms then surely just use the Suspend Alarms menu as this does exaclty that suspends them all for the specific machine including agent offlines etc


    If it is NOT  all but just  some specific ones for a machine then you can script it and either schedule for the times you need or even call the script as part of a pre/post action e.g in Patch Rebooting etc.

    The script itself doesn't need to be run against the target machine .. it could be run on the VSA as it is directly updating the SQL database where the info re whether an alarm should be created in stored

  • The suspend alarms is fine if you are scheduling everything manually but you do have to remember, it would be easier to add it as a script or monitor step for certain actions that's the point of the request.

  • My point exactly ... create an Agent Procedure that effectively disables the Alarm creation .. call this procedure however you like , ie Scheduled every day , or called before a backup is run etc ... the point being you can make it automatically disable the alarms , and then re-enable them after a set interval or maybe as a post script after the backups have completed or what ever other process is creating the alarms you wish to temporarily disable.

    This method does not use the "Suspend Alarm" menu at all ... it is a completely independant Agent Procedure with some tricky VBScripting but achieves exactly what you describing and can be scheduled so you never need to "remember"

  • How can you script a suspend alarms step this is the problem?