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Issues with event logs

  • Hi guys


    I have an ongoing issue with support and just wondering if anyone is have the same issue regarding the capture of event logs into Kaseya.


    At present I have all my servers send their event logs into Kaseya so I can monitor so alerts and trigger reports ETC, I have noticed in K2 that not all events get trapped so I am missing alerts and reporting is way off. In particular I am using it to monitor backup jobs and some days I get the alerts, some days they are duplicated and some days they don't appear at all. 


    when I logged a ticket with Kaseya support they basically told me the system cannot handle trapping these events and that the best way to fix is to run a force checking script on the machines daily but this does not always work.


    So I an now doubting the accuracy of the event log monitoring in Kaseya as I cannot Trust it will collect all the logs generated by the machines I manage. For a monitoring tool this is a bad position to be in as I wonder what else it is missing.

    any feedback would be great. 



  • I have a general dissatisfaction of how Eventlogs monitoring are presented and alerted on, so much so on the alerting side that I have had no choice but to use it in conjunction with Process monitoring to make it do what it suppose to do. There should be a thread that I started in the feature requests area somewhere listing some of the problems with the current monitoring.

    As for missing Event Alert I can’t say that I’m surprised but no I have not noticed this yet. So far I can tell the backup Eventlog alerts are working the way they should, how many backup events do you capture per machine?

    I stick with a simple “Failed, Missing, Completed with Errors and Successful” system which appears to work as I regularly find systems where the backups have failed or are missing.

  • Yeah I am monitoring the same and then I have created a report to send to the tech to show the status of the jobs each day. Some of these reports were coming in blank and when I check the server in Kaseya the logs are missing but they are in the server event logs.

  • I am having the same issue.  I thought I saw them on one email and now its just blank.  Is this the same?

  • I am also having issues with event log alerts, namely the e-mail alarm.

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  • I haven't noticed this on 6.2 yet, but in 5.1 I encountered issues from time to time where event log monitoring would just stop functioning for a few machines.  The event log on the server was still functioning correctly of course, but the agent's event log would be empty.  The really annoying thing was that even the "generate alert if not seen in x days" alerts wouldn't work even though there were no event log entries found by the agent.  Kaseya support would often find that the file that controlled event log monitoring for the agent was corrupted, and they'd have to replace it.