I'm new to using Kaseya (c. 2 months now). I've noticed a bunch of our machines generating errors like this one:

Patch KB2478658/MS11-039 failed to install on (machine name)


The patch file probably failed to download. Uncheck "Delete package after install" and schedule the patch again. Verify the following
1. Check that the hard disk is not full.
2. If downloading from the internet, verify the connection from this machine to microsoft.com is not blocked.
3. Be sure curl-nossl.exe is not prevented from executing (by a security program).


Now, I've checked all the items on this list. In every single case, the hard drive is nowhere near full, the machine can access microsoft.com freely, and there is nothing preventing curl-nossl.exe from running or reaching the Internet (firewall is opened to it). Also, the Kaseya port 5721 is open in the firewall. So the alert message is uninformative and unhelpful, to say the least. Its "solutions" have nothing to do with the problem, whatever that might be.

I also get these same errors on the same machines repeatedly, as though Kaseya is continuously trying to apply these updates, which it cannot or will not install. Running Machine Update on these doesn't help, either, the patches fail almost immediately. MS lists the update above, and most of the others, as "security updates," so I'm not willing to mark them as "Denied" globally.