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Email End Users when Backup Skips or Fails using the Contact Email in Edit Profile

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I would like to send my end users an email alert when their backup is skipped, fails or is successful.  I didn't want to have to go and add an email address in the Backup->Backup Alerts->Email Recipients field for each of my end users' email addresses for over 500 workstations we do backups for.   If possible I would like to use the Contact Email for each user that is listed in the Edit Profile. 

I found that the variable for this is #vAgentConfiguration.contactEmail# but it doesn't appear that I able to use this on the Backup->Backup Alerts->Email Recipients field.  Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

Another option I was playing with was using the scripts to send an email.  If I do this I would have to setup a seperate script for each email status: Failed, Skipped or Successful which is doable but I am not sure if I can use the following Data Keys?

Data Keys Description  
<be> backup failed error message  
<bt> backup type  
<im> backup image location  
<mf> megabytes free space remaining  
<sk> backup skip count

Has anyone got this figured out and if so what are you doing?  Thanks

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  • Hey thinktech.

    How did you go with this.

    Wanting to do similar things with both backup and some alerting.

    Have been recently asking the same questions about the #vAgentConfiguration.contactEmail#  variable and was basicly told it can't be done..

    Someone else did suggest to me that it could be acheived using an email script just like you are talking about...

    If you did end up going doown this path.... Wondering if you would care to share your email scripts... Would save me starting from scratch.



  • Hi!

    Great Idea! A few days thought about a similiar email alert to the end-user. But i don't know how i can use the Contact-EMail in my scripts?!?

  • Have done some testing of this in the last couple of days and was able create Kaseya send Email procedures using the variables  #vAgentConfiguration.contactEmail# for the To: field and    #id#.  in the Subject  field.

    Then in the Body  section used the #vAgentConfiguration.contactName# and #vAgentConfiguration.machName# variables along with the required variables for the particular alert being generated.

    #be#     backup failed error message  

    #bt#      backup type  

    #im#     backup image location  

    #mf#     megabytes free space remaining  

    #sk#      backup skip count

    I did find that if i used one of the variables that where not listed in the email template in the alerts section the email script would fail and then run 30 plus times, later when I removed the unrequired variable.

    ie I added the #be# variable for the error message into a backup successfull alert email script...Got a script failure.. then when I removed the variable I then go about 20 or 30 emails to say the backup completed ok.

  • Hi Randal.

    Do you use alerts or created a procedure which sends the mail?

  • I am Still testing but So far.

    Set an Alert for  Say  BUDR back failed.

    Create Alarm ticked.. And Run Script Ticket.  Selected Send Email procedure i created the does sends the following

    New procedure BUDR backup Failed...


    Send Email

    Email to:    #vAgentConfiguration.contactEmail#

    Email Subject:    Image backup Failed on your Computer #id#

    The backup scheduled to run on the Computer listed as "#vAgentConfiguration.machName#" at #at#, failed.

    The Error listed for the failure was "#be#"

    For instructions on how to resolve common backup errors with the image backup, please refer to the following instructional document.


    If you are unable to resolve this issue please contact the support agent.


    Only issue is I ma limited on that I can Alert for and also have to create a seperate "send email" procedure for each Alert/Error.

    If i add a variable in the email procedure that is not created by the Alert then the whole process failes.

  • Hi thinktech,

    Try using the variable [$StaffEmail$] in your message template as it refernces the Contact Email field that appears in tickets.

    We use it for all outgoing SD emails that are going to end-users.