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Monitor Administrator / Domain Admins group Member logons

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Does anyone have a creative method to be alerted when someone logs on to the server either via RDP or console?

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  • Checking the Security log for successful logon events might work. You may need to turn on extra event log auditing for this.

  • if you're looking for a specific person/login, use the description filter, it should contain the user logged in and you can alert off the user's login. If you just want a list of who logged in set up a report for the week, either way as Ben said you'll need to turn on the eventlog for that to work.

  • That Is fine, I have enabled auditing but the issue is if you restart the service, it is also treated as a log on and alert is generated.  I need to mointor ONLY Logon types 2 and 10. which are for console and RDP.