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Auto-dismissing alerts

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I don't know whether i should regard this a feature request (because it is) or ask for a workaround (in the meantime), but here goes. How should one go on to automagically dismiss have alerts that are not active? A script (agent procedure) perhaps? Surely, it is of interest to know which servers have been red, but it would be even more relevant to know which servers are red.


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  • I havent found an answer to this either, and I dont see a way to do it with a script. This is a feature in Labtech and, when it worked, it's very useful.

    Fragmentation causes an alert, alert causes a drefrag script to run, defrag fixes the issue, the next defrag check shows that problem has gone and the alert closes.

    I cant imagine that additional features like this will ever make it to G1 before they make it to K2 and then filter down.

  • Microsoft Operations Manager (or whatever it's called today) can do it. The Dude can do it. I don't see a reason why Kaseya couldn't do it.

    1. Perform a measurement

    2. If it goes over a threshold, sound the alarm (ok, log the alarm)

    3. If there already is an alarm and we're not over the threshold, lower the alarm

    4. Goto 1

    Right now, step three is missing from the process.

  • Sounds like a good feature request, I'd vote for it.