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FYI: HP Insight Manager Events

  • Hi guys

    I have been hitting a brick wall every time I try to find a method of monitoring component alarms on HP servers (ie Insight Manager alarms for hard disk, fan or power supply failure). I tried the SNMP route but that was a minefield (the MIB from HP contained almost 50 files).

    I found that HP Management Tools will always log a failure to the event log with the following fields:

    Source Filter: Server Agents
    Category Filter: Events

    The particular Event ID depends on the component and the issue, but it is a good catch-all to set up an event set looking for the above fields and "All IDs".

    Just thought this might come in handy.

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  • I've found this as well, however it makes reporting a pain in the **** later on, has anyone got SNMP to work correctly yet?
    I'm in the same boat, with both Dell and HP servers. The MIB packs they provide are 50+ files in size and it takes an age to import. Even then the kaseya agent doesnt seem to spot the SNMP agents on the machine.

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  • I think the only way that reporting could work is by using a combination of scripting and writing to the Kaseya logs. I plan to use the above event set to trigger a script (which I still have yet to write), that will write the appropriate information to the Kaseya lg, and this information can then be selected in the Executive Reports (and named accordingly) for reporting. I will check back in and continue to update this thread as I make progress with this one.

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  • I've been banging my head against the wall with those MIB files for too long. Thanks for the info, and I also look forward to your next update.

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