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I need to deploy a Agent Procedure when the presence of a file or process is not present on the endpoint.

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How can I set up an alert so that if the presence of a file is absent on the endpoint, I can trigger an alert that will start an agent procedure.

I saw this in one of he Kaseya videos but I cannot seem to find this to reference the steps.

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  • Try External Monitoring - System Check. Crate a custom monitor that runs on a reasonable cycle (1-4 hours).

    Create a Bat file "@DIR /B <filename>" and specify the full path to the file. Redirect (overwrite) to an output file.

    Set the alarm to trigger if the file contains "File Not Found".

    Set the monitor to run a procedure.

    Make sure the test.bat file is created before applying this monitor!


  • Thanks, Glen, I will give this a shot.