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Can Kaseya send out an audible alarm when a ping test fails?

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As the title says, is it possible for Kaseya to send out an audible alarm/alert when a ping test fails? We have a help center and it works out best for us to get a noticeable alarm as we are not always looking at the Kaseya page. We currently have it set up to route an email through another service that gives us an audible alarm. It would be awesome to cut that out but I can't seem to find a way to do it through Kaseya and I would like to get a confirmation either way. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi mvanderhoof,

    I would suggest using Kaseya-NOC found here:


    This is updated as well. It currently alarms on server agent offline. Im sure it could be modified to help you.

  • Is the Kaseya-NOC something additional that the company would have to pay for? Kaseya is very new to me and our company, would the NOC be a totally different version or is it like an add on?

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  • You can get the ping test (or any alarm for that matter) to run an agent procedure (which could trigger a sound alarm) on a display machine, this is what we used to do.

    Just write a simple vbscript (to make a noise) and call that via an agent procedure, to run on that specific machine, on the system check page.

    I dont recommend doing this unless your tests are very consistent, the action of sounding alarms recurring too often will just get ignored.  People will just ignore it as it happens all the time, just my advice, better to get it to create a ticket in your ticketing system which is forced to be responsed to, controlled by SLA's and a manager blah blah..

  • The Kaseya NOC is free it was created by kaseya users and is maintained fairly regulary. It is a standalone website that attaches to the SQL database for its information.

  • , as suggested, use Kaseya's ability to run a script when an alarm occurs.  Here is a link to a script that I wrote for you.



  • You can even go one better, I almost bought usb powered LED lights a while back, the idea being with could do the whole 'red alert' thing when we had a P1 alert come through.

    Decided against it as we get so many now, but something to consider :-D

  • Reminds me of a setup I did years ago (well before the kaseya days) at a ISP that I worked for.  We had a revolving light (think police light) mounted on the ceiling and I had it plugged into an X10 controlled outlet.  I then had an x10 wireless controller connected to our monitoring computer, and when a server or router down condition was detected it would trigger the x10 outlet so that it turned the light on.