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Kaseya checking on drivers - Possibly in alert form?

  • I have Kaseya monitoring about 27 servers and would like to know if there was a way for the agent to monitor for updated drivers? It would be awesome to get an alert saying that server 1-5 or such are due for updated drivers.

    If not, is there a way to just display what drivers it currently has? Sorry if this has been asked or discussed, I don't think I could word it properly to get a good response out of google.

  • Hi ,

    Getting an alert that a driver has an update available is a little tricky after doing some research.

    You have several options on how to accomplish this.

    The first one, you can create your own powershell script.

    The second, you most likely can find a similar powershell script, unfortunately I could not find exactly what you are looking for in the Microsoft Repository.

    Here are some examples to find devices that do not have drivers detected:



    You could also set the devices to 'Automatically' update, but I am not sure you want this behavior and it could possibly cause unwanted/unforeseen issues later down the road if a bad driver is released.To add on to that -- Patch Management cannot account for Device Driver installations, so if you are planning on leveraging Patch Management, that will not work.


    Additionally, you can create an event log alert to get notified when a Driver is installed.

    Here is what a similar Event ID should appear like, if interested:


    Ultimately, this would require some sort of script or program to my knowledge to actively 'check' or run the 'check' for new drivers, write that information to a log of sorts, and distribute that information using the script or Kaseya.

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  • Three years later after the announcement of a future release including windows drivers in patch management... where are we at with this? This would be an amazing feature considering the windows update driver versions tend to be some of the most stable versions released...

  • I almost replied to the above comment to say "What he said!" before realizing I posted it. Well? Any update?