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kaseya probe issue - recurring

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Good day,

We are experiencing a concern that we are receiving a alert notification and we do not understand what the message means. Could someone please shed some light onto what this alert means?

A warning was issued from the domain xxx.LOCAL probe - Install Agent Deploy GPO: FailedToCreateDirectory : Win32Error : CreateDirectory '\\xxx.local\SysVol\xxx.local\Policies\{B23FB76B-AE89-46E2-8965-05F2D4A44965}\Machine\Scripts\Startup'. failed with error 183. Error Message: 'Cannot create a file when that file already exists.'

Any help with this will be much appreciated.

Thank you


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  • Hi Rudi,

    This alert is an indication that an Discovery > Domain Watch > Computer Policy on xxx.local domain is failing to create or update a Install Agent Deploy GPO in the specified directory.

    If you are managing this domain and not seeing agents being deployed - 

    I would recommend submitting a support ticket on this issue.


    Kind Regards,