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Agents alerting when offline, even though they haven't gone offline

  • I hope that I am not the only one with this issue. 

    At random times, some of my agents will alert as if they have gone offline.  But when I look at the computer to find out whats wrong, it is connected and working perfectly across the internet.  Right now, due to the many issues with live connect, we have two ways into our customers computers.  So if kaseya shows it as offline, I have a backdoor that I can use to connect into the machine.  I have noticed that when the agent (in the kserver) is offline, the tray icon on the agent most of the time is blue, meaning that it has communicated with Kaseya within the last 30 seconds.  (at least thats what I think it means) 

    I have changed my alert time to 15 minutes to help the problem but it is still happening way to much for this to be reliable at all.  Anyone else had this issue?


  • I have placed a call for this (12179) Ill keep you guys posted on the results of the call in case anyone else has this issue.

  • Still no response on the call I placed yesterday.  Anyone else having this issue?

  • This usually means either the K server (or database server) is overloaded (out of memory, high CPU, low disk etc) and can't keep up, or you have an issue with the internet connection at the K server.

    Look at system - statistics and your.k.server/.../vsaDisplayStats.asp and see if theres any issues showing up there.

  • Also search your KServer Log for "Kserver main" to see if the service might be restarting itself. (System - Configure)

  • I have the SaaS version.  I don't think this method applies to me. :D

  • It is still happening though.  Do you guys have on premise?  And does this happen to you with your on premise?  Maybe its just a SaaS thing.  Still no help yet on the call I put in on thursday.  The only response I have gotten so far was this morning saying he was looking into it.  

    The wait times for Kaseya support is embarrassingly slow.  

  • We are both on-prem clients...

  • Ryan, I have seen this on ONE of my servers. It was happening on a weekly basis at random times.

    Like you, I would remote in to it to find that the server was running just fine and that the Kaseya Agent was still running. Restarting the Kaseya Agent would bring the machine back to "Online" status.

    Pretty annoying. But, it's an old server and we're getting ready to decommission her. So, I simply believed this to be an isolated instance, and not worth my time to diagnose.

    The issue has suddenly resolved itself.

    I realize that's not much help to you. But, I couldn't help sharing my own experience.