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Is it possible to schedule to ignore alarms over specified times but still allow monitor sets?

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I have previously been using the Monitor > Status > Suspend Alarm feature. This places the agent into "Maintenance Mode" and ignores all alarms but am I right in assuming that this disables all monitor sets as well?

I just wish to be able to ignore say for example a system down from a server or machine in the early hours of the morning but If the device does go down in the early hours and is still down by say 6:00am then I want an alarm to pop up and also for it to log what time the machine went down, all of the usual information I'd get with an alarm.

So it should monitor and log system downs but not generate alarms between say for example 1:00am and 6:00am.


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  • it's quite simple but it assumes you have access to your SQL Server , understand SQL syntax/commands etc and are familiar with the actual table structure of the KSubscribers database.

    So .. if your good with all of the above the basic principal is this

    1)  Create a SQL View that displays groupname, machname, assigned monitor setname , monitorsetID , createalarm flag etc

    2) Then from an Agent procedure script you'd need to execute a shell command similar to this :

          sqlcmd -S servername -U sa -P password -d Ksubscribers -Q "update SQLView set createalarm = 0 where groupname = XXXX and machname = YYYYY  and monitor setname = ZZZZZ "

    This is only an example .. but you'll get the idea. and ONLY works if the script is run on a machine that can access the SQL server on the same LAN.

    Substitue groupname , machname and Setname etc for real values and schedule as you please.

    Re run later with createalarm = 1 and it will re-enable Alarms

  • My alerts are High CPU and Memory utilization alerts that will crop up once in a while during backups.  At least once a week they will blow up during some of our Full Backups.

  • So you can run a pre and post backup script ... to turn specific alarms off before the backup and back on after the backup

  • Any ideas if we can achieve this using the SaaS platform? We have no access to the Kserver/SQL data.

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  • V6.3 now has 2 new agent procedures steps for suspend and unsuspend alarms. Not sure if they are available on SAAS

  • Thanks for that Paul, can you tell me what they are called so I can have a look for them. I'd be amazed if they were available on SaaS - everything I am after seems to be on premise only :-(

  • Capture.JPG

    just create a new Agent Procedure and on the RH Side in the System Section there are 2 steps you can add

    1) AlarmsSuspend() and

    2) AlarmsUnsuspendAll()

    See attached Pic



  • Cheers Paul,

    I have created and scheduled a couple of procedures, so will see how that goes tonight.

  • Seemed to work thanks Paul, we received far fewer alerts and emails overnight than we usually do! Backup software often seems to push CPU and RAM usage well over the limits during nightly job execution.