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Sounding an alert when a system goes down

  • Dear all,

    I'm really new to kaseya and am looking for a way to sound an alarm when a system goes down. I found the article on stating how to do things (kind of) but have no clue where to set it. They refer to the scripts tab but I can't locate it. Anyone who can give me an example for dummies? Thanks!

    This is the option I'm trying to get in place: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/27/t/7177.aspx Just that I need the thing to sound the alarm when a system goes down (the guys on the support desk seem to miss them once in a while since there's only a visual reminder).

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  • Hi Louis

    The article you refer to is a little misleading.  This will play a sound if there is a problem but it will play it on the machine that has the problem.  Could get very noisy on a machine suffering from a lot of errors.  Where the scripts tab is mentioned this has now been renamed Procedures and I guess you could setup something similar to what's been mentioned before.

    What we do is we use some reporting to list the machines that aren't checking in (really only worried about servers) if the machine appears on our dashboard then someone has to find out what the problem is.  You only need an old PC connected to your VSA to use as the display.  I'm being very generic here as there are loads of ways this could be created.  I'm sure others will chip in with advice.

  • Hi Alistair,

    thanks for the advice. We actually do have a PC with a big screen on the servicedesk that shows the alerts on the dashboard. But on few occasions they just missed the visuals due to other work. Result an angry customer who wants to now why he found out the system was down before we did. So it would be really handy if the guys would be warned with some kind of audible alert.

    So far I found the "procedures" and attached a script (execute shell command) (to agent status). The PC on the servicedesk has been equiped with a client and as such can be selected (run script x on machine y). No luck at this moment yet.

  • Still no luck, I ran the batchfile of the PC and it works fine so that's been excluded. I tried running it as a shell command and as execute as a file both with the system account and the user account. I'm missing something but don't have a clue. Stopping the kaseya service on a testserver does trigger an allert on the dashboard. Not sure if the script is being executed, neither am i receiving an email (set as an action when the alert is triggered). Starting to wonder if Kaseya might be messed up. Alerts i set off yesterday took on some ocasions 30 minutes to 1 hour to show up.

  • Just a couple of suggestions:  Check the Agent Procedure log to see if the script is listed there, and it should say whether it ran or if it failed.  Probably won't give you any particularly good reason, but should give you the step on which it fails.

    You can check the mail in system > configure > Outbound mail.  It should list whether it is failing or if it is being sent, and you can send test emails to make sure all is working. It is such a nice feature this, after having to vaguely guess with previous versions.

  • Thanks for the advice! I got the email alerts working. To check if the script was triggered at all I added a line to the batchfile copying a .txt file to an alternative location. After a little while I found the copied textfile so it looked like the script worked. I then changed the batch file to start up the sound file and yes it worked. I really don't know why it didn't do that before (then again I wasn't able to check). Now I'll have to wait for the 90.000 mails to be flushed :)

  • This script = community.kaseya.com/.../60756.aspx - will simply play a sound on a machine. It does not close windows media player however if you re-run it WMP does not open a new window.

    When you setup the monitoring for server offline, you can tell it to run this script on the machine in your office that you want to play the sound. Obviously you may want to change my script to play a different sound file but it's easy enough.

    For some extra info, we have a ticket raised when servers go offline. As we work from ticketing most of the time anyway, we will see a new ticket for server offline come in. If you have email notification on your ticketing setup, this also means an email will be sent to the customer so if it is not their email server, they can see that you are already aware it is offline.