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Deploying Windows OS to machines via Kaseya

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So I've briefly heard of a rumour that one can deploy an OS install on machines through Kaseya?

How valid is this claim though? doesn't make sense since an agent needs to be installed in order to do anything over Kaseya. Perhaps and upgrade from XP to Vista or Win7 may be possible I believe but not sure on a fresh install.

While on the topic, what would be the best approach for deploying windows onto multiple clients in your opinion? I havent done this as of yet, and the simplicity of this does sound tempting to bring in as a new form of rolling out OS onto multiple clients. As for now, most we do is through Ghosting, which is our fastest and simplest way of getting this task done.

Could anyone perhaps point me in the right direction for some resources on learning more about this, I've done some googling myself on it and find it hard to get good clear documentation regarding what tools and software is needed and some guideline as to how it is done.


Thanks in advance for any answers and feedback!


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  • The most you can do now is pre-package a Windows upgrade for upgrading on an existing OS, running through whatever Microsoft processes you need to build the package, then running the installation with a simple Kaseya procedure, similar to how you'd deploy Office, where there really is only 1 step in Kaseya that kicks it off.

    The Windows 7 deployment isn't really an upgrade - no OS components are upgraded, Win7 is installed fresh onto the existing machine.

    We are looking at putting together a true remote PXE boot imaging deployment solution targeted for next year.

    I'd love to know if anyone has gone through the scripted Windows 7 deployment / 'upgrade' outside of a test lab on real production machines myself. Anyone out there?

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