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Trend Micro WFBS 7.0 Date Monitoring

  • We have been using a script to verify Trend Micro WFBS dates for years.  Version 7 uses a new set of registry entries so it no longer works.  Has anyone created a new monitor for this?  I thought I would check before trying to work up my own.

  • From what I can see, it uses epoch time in the registry now, but the registry seems very disjointed now with all their subfolders.

    There are probably going to be a few of us trying to get a new script going.

  • I would also be interested in this script once its off the ground. I am willing to help and will try and do some digging on my own.

  • I have a script, but dont seem able to reply with the code, how does one do that now??

    I've tried 3 times, and each time the reply isnt there.

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  • Select that you want to use Rich Editing.  You will then see 3 tabs along the top.  Options provides the ability to attach a file

  • trend-v7-datecheck.txt

    I've had to rename from .vbs to .txt so I could upload, just rename once you download.

    This has only been run on one system at the moment, I'll be rolling out shortly to others.

    Its pretty rudimentary, and I'm not a programmer, so it could be made better.

    See how you go, currently the GMT offset is set to +11 for my Australia timezone, you need to modify the 2nd line with your offset: 01/01/1970 11:00:00 etc.




  • Thanks Ryan, that's great!  I'll give it a try later today