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Creating users accounts

  • User.zip

    Hi everyone,

    This program was on the old forum. I just throught I'd post it on here.

    User.exe is a program I wrote in C++ to create user accounts. It's got options to add/delete users, change an existing user's password, add to local admin group, and set the password not to expire. I wrote it since the net user command doesn't allow for passwords longer then 14 characters. Enjoy!

    BTW, if you downloaded it previouly this version is even smaller in size. I used to use the C++ I/O routines. Unfortunately they are bloated and add at least 150KB per .exe file I code. So I've moved back to using C I/O routines when possible. 


  • Thanks Matt! :-)

    Will this also create a domain admin account if run on a DC?


  • I didn't typically use it on DCs. I just double checked. It does work on DCs. The only minor issue is adds the user to the local administrators group and not the domain admins.


  • support.microsoft.com/.../251394

  • Yes, the net user command works. But as I said before it's limited as it prompts when the password is over 14 characters. Older OSes didn't support long passwords. I wrote user.exe for my internal needs and just thought others might find it useful as a replacement for basic user management.