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Hi All,

does anybody know if you can somehow grab your VSA logon name into a variable so you can compare in a script what admin is logged on an create different actions for different admins ?

or grab the agent name of the computer you are using VSA on at that moment? (without running a script on your local machine of course Wink

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  • I tried something like this a while ago, but never got it to work -- the variables may be bugged, who knows.

    Anyway, look at #vScriptStatus.AdminLogin# and #vScriptLog.AdminName#

  • Thanks for the tip !

    SQL Views are totally new to me...but if i select "Get variable" -  "SQL View" and put them in i get back errors. i also tried vScriptStatus/AdminLogin

    any suggestions?

  • You *should* just be able to use the built-in variable of either #vScriptStatus.AdminLogin# or #vScriptLog.AdminName# anywhere in your script.  Like I said though, I've had problems with those two returning consistent data.

    You don't have to Get Variable  to use SQL Views when surrounded by #'s

  • With the builtin view the way it is, you will get SYSTEM or (blank) returned sometimes. I remember on the old forum someone mentioned creating a custom view that omits these two possibilities. I don't know how exactly to pull that off though.

  • it indeed returns blank value's (no errors).

    i've seen the post on the old forum to to create a new view and then do something with the way it's sorted but i have no idea how that should be done

    does anybody know how to create a custom sql view and sort it somehow descending?