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What are you favorite scripts?

  • Hi
    I'm new to Kaseya.. just getting our K2 server up and running and planning to start deploying to clients asap.

    What scripts have you found most useful either for automation or preventing common issues? I need to get my IT dept more efficient and reduce the amount of time being spent supporting certain customers.


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  • Typically its a case of where do you get the most 'Bang for your Buck'. So most people tend to use any Systems Management platform to:-

    1) Cover the basics, Uptime, CPU, Disk & Memory
    2) Look at what causes your organisation the top 5 pain points (from an IT standpoint) and see how you can automate them.
    3) Now you have got rid of the top 5 another top 5 have appeared - automate them. Keep going round 2 & 3
    4) When you get a client request in to Install an App, make a change, perform an audit, update something, etc: look to see how you can use Kaseya to achieve that same result. It will take you slightly longer to do BUT the next time they ask for it (and they will) you just need to schedule a script.

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  • New computer build (install flash, remove old readers/install latest, install shockwave, java + update).

    Cleanup script (remove temp files, run disk cleanup, defrag, remove cookies. I have this automated to run every 30 days

    My latest one to edit VPN profiles or PCF files to hide/deploy them.

    and of course, office 2007 installs...although this needs to be modified. oh and windows 7 activation.

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