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KASM revision C (Monitor Set of all Automatic Services)

  • KSAM RevC.zip
    Hi Guys,

    The last known revision of the KASM being on 28 Oct 2007...

    Now, this script has one major issue: it picks up all Mad services set to Automatic... not really an issue would you think Big Smile.

    But what about services that are set to Automatic but only run "on demand" ?

    • Brother XP spl Service
    • Fax
    • GoogleDesktopManager
    • gupdate
    • Intel File Transfer
    • MSExchangeES
    • msftesql
    • MSIServer
    • spupdsvc
    • SysmonLog
    • TBS
    • VSS
    • WinDefend

    So I've added some optional arguments to the KASM.vbs script...
    You may now specify the services you don't want to monitor:
    [INDENT]KASM.vbs SaveDirectory MonitorSetName [ list of service names each between double quotation marks acception % for wildcard ][/INDENT]Example:
    [INDENT]KASM.vbs C:\kworking AutoServices "Brother XP spl Service" "Fax" "GoogleDesktopManager%" "gupdate%" "Intel File Transfer" "MSExchangeES" "msftesql%" "MSIServer" "spupdsvc" "SysmonLog" "TBS" "VSS" "WinDefend"[/INDENT]

    The Attached Zip File contains the Rev C of the VbScript and a procedure to run it.

    • The procedure was written in K2 (the Send Message are disabled - DEBUG only).
    • The VbScrip has some difficulties with the % wildcard on Windows 2000 machines hence the specification of the excluded services one by one.

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  • Good Work :)

    This made me verry happy

  • This script no longer works for us in Kaseya 6.1...   says the xml file is not compatible?  Any ideas out there.   we use this for all servers.

  • @Ice, have you tried opening the XML in notepad, deleting "all rubish" select all, copy/paste it into import monitor set and import it like that?

  • Ice, we haven't imported the scripts to 6.1. jet and stil work with 6.0.1. I agree with Hans by editing the xml file.

    Hope it works :)

  • wow... it be nice if the product actually had these MUCH NEEDED features built in.  In stead of relying on it's customers to write code for it.  What a joke!!  :P  

    I'm not sure what the "rubbish" is but I'll try to look closer and see what I can do.