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CSV into SQL

  • Has anyone ever attemped to import a CSV into Kaseya's SQL? I am planning/trying to create a custom table and have a script pull a .CSV file into that custom table. In this case I am first trying it with Exchange Mailbox sizes. Which will return username, size, date. What I would like to dump into SQL is the date, username, size, computername. I know you can utilize +++SQLCMD to extract data out of ksubscribers SQL, but I was hoping to do it the other way around. I am still on version 5, but if the functioniality is available in K2, I am ok with that too, as we are upgrading soon.


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  • we run a powershell command every sunday that creates a CSV called groupname.csv on the kserver in a particular folder.

    We then created a SQL job to do a bulk import of this data into our exchange table - then using SQL reporting we report on the mailbox sizes for the users.

    We also show previous months sizes so the boss can see what the user was like last month...

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