I have a little issue and was wondering if anyone had any advice?

Im running an external ping check to alot of different servers I have out in the world basically just checking to see if their WAN connections are up.

I've written some scripts which get fired up if the ping check fails (set to ping every min, alarm if no response in 5mins and re-arm after an hour). These scripts themselves loop until the WAN connection is back up. Basically they email once to say its down, then keep checking every so often until the WAN comes back online again.

Im needing a way to stop that external ping check while my scripts are looping. Like is there any way to script to disable/enable the external ping checks with a script? So basically once my external ping check gets no response the script fires up and takes over the monitoring.

Maybe instead of using the external ping set under monitor I could just set my script to run a ping every minute and have a think about how i'd get the results im looking for?

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