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K2 agent procedure to "copy settings"

  • See the excerpt from the K2 help file below. I think this is a really nice feature, my understanding is you should be able to assign agent to the right group based on IP, and have an agent procedure to "copy settings" based on group id. If you attach this to the machine to run when new agent is installed or some other event this would be great.

    My question is how?? I dont see away to do copy settings via an agent procedure.

    Maintaining multiple agent install packages in Agent > Deploy Agents, one for each organization, can be time consuming. Instead some server providers use a single agent package for the unnamed organization and perform all installs using this package. System > Naming Policy can reassign new agents to the correct organizations.group ID automatically—the first time the agents check in—based on each managed machine's IP or connection gateway. Agent > Copy Settings may be scheduled afterwards, to copy specific kinds of agent settings by machine ID template to the type of machine revealed by the initial audit. This can be automated using agent procedures.

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  • I'm not seeing any way either.

    The ability to write SystemInfo values is the only method of writing a value to any table in the Ksubscribers database.

    Scripting to update values stored in the KSubscribers database seem to be a challenge for the developers to allow. Not sure why.

    Support would probably mutiny if they had to deal with newbies writing agent procedures that butchered the Ksubscribers tables and they had to somehow clean up the mess.

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