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Number of sessions om a citrix server

  • Is there an easy way to make a script to see how many sessions the are currently active om a citrix server?

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  • Not sure about a script, but I use the Terminal Server Active User Sessions counter in a monitor set. This way I can see how many users were logged into a server at any point in time.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
    <monitor_set_definition version="1.0">
    -<MonitorSet name="TS Users" description=''>
    <Counter name='Terminal Services Active User Sessions'  description='null' counterObject='Terminal Services'  counter='Active Sessions'  counterSampleInterval='300' collectionOperator='Over'  collectionThreshold='-1' trendTimeSpan='1209600' trendReArm='3600' thresholdOperator='Over'  thresholdAmount='15' thresholdDuration='25' thresholdWarning='10' thresholdReArm='3600'/>
    *Note I have a threshold set at 15 in this set as that's how many licenses one of our customers has.

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