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Scripts Pending but never start

  • I'm just getting started with Kaseya and still learning tons and tons every day, but I continually have this one problem.

    It seems that every time I import a script that someone has posted or create a new script, the first time I try to run it, it will not start. The script shows scheduled and shows up as a pending script, but it will not start. I have left some of them overnight and they will eventually run, but it may be hours later. Also, if I cancel the newly created script and then try to run another script that I have run many times before, it will not run either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Hi Scott,

    First question - what are the check-in times of the agents? YOu can find this on the Agents Tab > check-in control.

    Scripts may not run before the next check-in, so this could cause your issue although I am guessing not.

    Is it only new scripts causing this issue? How complicated are the tasks these scripts are running?

    What happens if you run the 'force check-in' script after cancelling the problem script?

    Lastly, what does the script status show for the agent? Is there anything pending or is all clear? Script status is on the scripts tab.


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