I have an event set that monitors for Chkdsk Event ID 1001. When detected, it calls a script which runs diskpart information and sends me an email of the diskpart results as well as the description of the 1001 Event ID.

Per documentation, there should be a way to pass the alert information to a script. My script works except at the last step where it is suppose to send an email.

I have debugged the script and learned that the script fails when using the variable #ed# (event description) or #body# (body text of the email message, if an email was sent in response to an alert). I've tested other variables such as #lt#, #cn#, #eu#, #ei#, etc. and verified that the script runs successfully.

Under script history, the following status is shown:
'Alert Params-DiskPartScript' - Failed THEN in step 14 (I don't know where this script came from, but it runs the same time with my script)
'DiskPartScript' - Failed THEN in Step 9 (Step 9 is the last step that sends the email)

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