we have a server whos backup has been failing for the last few weeks and weve been trying to sort it out. on closer inspection, the error message pointed to a server service interuption by a reboot or service restart.

eventually i checked the script logs. pending scripts shows only three scripts

Pending Scripts Scheduled Execution Recurring Interval Admin

Latest Audit 10:35:00 pm 1-Sep-09 7 Day harry.edwards

WUA Patch Scan 1 (x86) 4:50:00 pm 26-Aug-09 1 Day harry.edwards

scanLan69114130183963937235950492 4:30:00 pm 26-Aug-09 1 Day nick.medwell

however every day at 4:55 AM these two scripts run, but they are not in pending scripts

Reboot Rescan 1 4:55:08 am 26-Aug-09 Success THEN *System*
Reboot Rescan 2 4:55:08 am 26-Aug-09 Success THEN *System*

we have no idea what is scheduling them or why they are running, is there an easy way to find out ? does anyone know what the scripts are?


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