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Sophos Anti Virus - Updates

  • Hi all,

    Im after a script for Sophos Anti Virus. I have searched on here and have used a couple of previously posted scripts with little success.

    What i need the script to be able to do:

    * Check if Sophos has been updated, log so can be reported on in Executive Summary.

    * If Sophos has not been updated, email an alert, and create ticket.

    * A Separate report for each machine that shows updates and failures

    I know its probable pretty simple, but i cant seem to get what i want.

    There is a reg key : HKLM\Software\sophos\AutoUpdate\UpdateStatus\LastUpdateTime

    There is a file C:\Program Files\Sophos\Auto Update\Logs\alc.log also that has all the information in it.

    I just need to be able to report on whats happening with updates !!

    Please Help


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