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Using Get File or Get File In Dir Path

  • Help!!!!

    I am using the get file or get file in directory path to get files from remote servers. Each of the servers has a unique file.

    When I try to run the script I encounter an error in step1.

    IF True
    Get File In Directory Path
    Parameter 1 : \SIMS\TRANSFER\OUT\*.XML
    Parameter 2 : \POST16\*.xml
    Parameter 3 : 0
    OS Type : 9

    Can I use wildcards when trying to get files from remote machines? If not where am I going wrong?


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  • Not sure if you can use wild cards in get file, however before you can use "Get File in Directory Path", you need to execute "Get Directory Path".

    If you know the specific area you want to get the files from, than use just "Get File".

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