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Master Maintenance Script Help

  • Hi all,

    Im a Kaseya n00b. But so far I love it!

    I want to create a Master Maintenance Script for all of my workstations. approx. 100, xp vista and 1 w2k

    I want to know what you all are doing in your maintenance scripts.

    Ultimately I would like to accomplish the following:
    - defrag
    -clear temp files
    - run spyrus scans
    - hardware diagnostics as much as possible, chkdsk etc
    - any other daily maintenance on pc's to speed them or make them run better

    Any ideas or tips or scripts posted would be greatly appreciated! thanks


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  • Sounds like you have the right idea, I would suggest a system restore point, I know scripting these on maintenance nights have saved our support team alot of hassle. If you do a search you will find scripts for all these maintenance items, good luck!

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  • Just for organization, I find it best to create individual scripts for each of the items that you want to do. Easier to put them together, test and debug.

    But for scheduling, you one script that simply calls all of the other scripts. Then you only have to schedule one script and you can use features like choosing which operating system to run a task on so that if you have one script for XP and another for Vista, everything can still be scheduled on that one master script.

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