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Remove IE8? Roll it back to IE7

  • I searched the forum for this topic and didn't see it, so don't hit me if its actually been posted a hundred times somewhere else, Please? I'm new at this.

    We ended up installing IE8 because MS released it as a critical update and we approve all critical updates through Kaseya. IE8 ironically has issues with Outlook 2003 Web access. You can't flag emails and if you have the reading pane turned off your messages often come up blank until you re-try 2 or 3 times. Changing the compatibility settings doesn't work. this is a known MS issue and I wish they would fix it!

    I downloaded an MSI ffrom MS entitled Microsoft fix it that removes IE8 and rolls it back to IE7. Problem solved, except I can't get the MSI file to deploy silently through a script. Can someone help me? I'll be glad to forward the MSI file that I downloaded. Also, I wonder if anyone has written a script to set all websites to be viewed in compatibilty mode?

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  • bcapron,

    Welcome to Kaseya. Check out this thread. There may be some help there.

    script to uninstall IE 8



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