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Shadow Protect (Question)

  • Hi All.

    I have seen so many people using scripts for Shadow Protect and other various backup software.

    I would like to ask for assistance from anybody willing to write a script to complete the following.

    1) Check if Shadow Protect has run successfully - If so, no alarm
    2) Check if Shadow Protect has failed to run - If so, alarm
    3) Check if Shadow Protect HAS NOT RUN at all - If so, alarm

    The issue that I run into, is that we have some clients setup to backup every 15 minutes on 2 seperate drivers. So if I want to know if a backup hasnt run, then this generally isnt possible.

    Is there a way to use VBS to check the last modified date/time of a file and say... alert if file hasnt been changed in x amount of hours/days?

    I would also like to report on this.

    Again, any assistance on this would be appreciated.


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  • 1) source shadowprotctsvc event 1120 des "backup status: completed"
    fire a script then count the scrips

    I have a few of these for different bu programs i use but they all fire the same script

    2) I capture all critical application events on this source

    3) Have 1) again and fire a ticket if event does not fire for 2 days

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  • eventquerytodaySP.zip
    Heh. After much fun and games as always I have something that works. Reads todays event logs, looks for shadow events, writes to script logs for failure and success. And not too resource hungry either unlike my first attempt.

    The attached batch file could have been done with a K script, but some things are a lot quicker slapped together with a handy batch.


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