We use an AntiSpam product which has performance counters for the amount of mail processed and the amount of mail rejected. These counters keep incrementing as the system is used.

What I need to do is:-
Capture the value on a daily basis and subtract one from the other - to give me the number of Spam Mails rejected an then store this value.

The next day I need to perform the same calculation and then subtract that value form yesterdays figure to get the total Spam rejected for the day.

I have a monitor set which is capturing the performance counters so my question is:-

1) Can I do something like this with K Scripting or do I need to write a VB Script?

2) Can I use the values from the Monitor set in my script, or do I need to get the script to read the performance counters?

3) Finally I need to get the Spam data into Exec Report.

So any assistance to point me in the right direction will be greatfully recieved, and if you are going to the user conference will earn you a Beer Voucher....

Thanks in advance

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