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Recurring Reset Password Script

  • Does anyone know the exact command(s) Kaseya uses in their "Reset Password" script that runs when you run, well, reset password? I ask because in my template I want to recreate our support account daily and reset the password if the account exists but the Reset Password feature cannot do this in a recurring interval. I tried just running reset password on the template and then setting it to recurring via Pending Scripts, but that is overwritten when another reset password is performed (keep in mind I want two, one to create, one to reset, I don't care which fails as long as the account is created and the password stays the same).

    It seems like they use "net user" to create or reset the account but the syntax is different based on the OS so I'm hoping they use something different so it's not such a version-heavy script.

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  • Opened a ticket with Kaseya and they use net user and net localgroup. Oh well. I'll just write my own.

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