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Symantec Exclusion

  • I am looking to right a script so that in symantec multi tier (corperate edition, endpoint) I can exclude files and folders. i.e. I want to use radmin on all sites but it flags up a warning message every day that its been found, alotugh it does nothing about it. I dont want this to come up on all of my customers sites.

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  • The locations to exclude are located in the registry. The easiest way to achiving this is to create a .reg file which includes all the files/folders to be excluded.


    Script Name: SAV Exclude Directories WKS
    Script Description: This script configures Symantec AV to excluded listed directories from scanning.

    IF True
    Set Registry Value
    Parameter 1 : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\INTEL\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\Storages\Filesystem\RealTimeScan\ExcludedByExtensions
    Parameter 2 : 1
    Parameter 3 : REG_DWORD
    OS Type : 0
    Get Variable
    Parameter 1 : 10
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 : Agent
    OS Type : 0
    Write File
    Parameter 1 : #Agent#\NoScan.reg
    Parameter 2 : VSASharedFiles\SAVNoScan.reg
    OS Type : 0
    Execute Shell Command
    Parameter 1 : c:\windows\regedit.exe /s #Agent#\SAVNoScan.reg
    Parameter 2 : 1
    OS Type : 0

    .reg file would look something like this:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "c:\\program files\\logitech\\setpoint\\x86"=dword:00000001

    Your best bet for the registry file is to manually add the files/folders on one computer, then export the key.

    Also, this is likely to only work for unmanaged SAV clients. Managed SAV clients may get this information from the parent server.

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