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Script to change Time zone

  • I am looking for a script that can change the time zone. Does any one have such a script?

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  • Yep, though sometimes it doesn't work so well, and it requires a user to be logged in, we're not sure at this point why sometimes it doesn't work, but for the most part it does as it's asked.

    Script Name: Set Timezone
    Script Description: This script will set the timezone on the client computer.
    Options: 'Canada Central Standard Time' (Index 25)
    'Mountain Standard Time' (Index 10)
    'Pacific Standard Time' (Index 4)

    IF True
    Impersonate User
    Parameter 1 :
    Parameter 2 :
    Parameter 3 :
    OS Type : 0
    Execute Shell Command
    Parameter 1 : CONTROL.EXE TIMEDATE.CPL,,/Z Pacific Standard Time
    Parameter 2 : 1
    OS Type : 0
    Write Script Log Entry
    Parameter 1 : Timezone Updated Successfully
    OS Type : 0

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