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Script to disable fast User Switching, and the default XP Logon Screen

  • We have a few clients that are currently in a workgroup environment, and unfortunately are using the Administrator login for the users. they dont even know it because fast user switching is enable, and it just logs them in as the admin since there are no other usernames created. So I went and installed our Kaseya agent with soem default task, including the creation of a new uer call itadmin with adminsitrator rights. Now when someone logged on this morning, the XP box had the itadmin username up and the adminstrator login was hidden. I had to turn off fast user switching and disable the logon screen as a quick fix. But I want to figure otu the best long term solution for this. I know I can't be the only one with this issue.

    Here are my thoughts:

    a.) I figure out the registry hack to show the administrator account on the logon screen and write up a script for it.

    b) I spend an entire day there and create users for each person on the local machine, and micgrate all their settings over to the new profile from the administrator profile. This seems like the worst thing in the world to do.

    c) I find or write a script that will disable the logon screen and disabel fast user-switching.

    anyone else have any ideas?

    P.S. they are all running on XP Pro.

    Thanks in advance for your help..


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  • Ill let you in on a little secret to that problem as I have run into it aswell several times. This is not a permenate solution but will save you the time of redoing profiles if you don't mind they being the local admins. At the loging screen where it only shows the one user, the local admin account that you created. Perform a ctrl, alt, delete three times and it will switch out of fast user mode and to the default network logon. They can then put the administrator account and password in.

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