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WORLDOX Indexing script

  • We use WORLDOX here in our office and I would like to make a script for the indexer server... but I have two questions (or problems) I’m running into.
    - how can I make Kaseya run an exe file located ON the agent's system (I’ve tried execute file, with the directory/exe/ and variables but it didn’t actually start the program)
    - We have an "indexer" user, which he indexing service will not run if the user is logged off. I know how to test to see if the users is logged on, but is there a way to have Kaseya log the user on?

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  • Set AutoAdminLogon, DefaultUserName, DefaultPassword, and DefaultDomainName registry entries. It's not a good idea to put the password in the registry as plain text, but I haven't found a better way.

    Then put the shortcut for the indexer in startup. I also made a monitor set for the process and a corresponding script to start the indexer if it wasn't running.

    Worldox says that you must close the indexer before restarting the machine, but I set mine to restart on its own and haven't had a problem. It rebuilds often anyway so it shouldn't matter.

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  • AH ok, Thanks. I guess I was making it a bit more complicated than it needed to be.

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