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Script to remove Nod32

  • Good Day


    How would I go about creating a script to remove Nod32 on user pc's via Kaseya?


    Or is there a script available


    Thanks in advance

  • How much is it worth to ya :D

    Can always use some ginger beer money...


    (for the ranters this is just a joke, I don't work for Kaseya and I didn't actually expect to get paid)

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  • WOW! Further confirmation that the new forum is crap. I have NEVER seen a response like that to a script request.

  • This NOD32 uninstall script was aided by checking the uninstall string in the system registry from add/remove programs. that's a different script. :)

    Here you go, your mileage may vary:

    Script Name: Uninstall NOD32 v3 or v4
    Script Description: Uninstalls NOD32
    IF Application is Running 
       Parameter 1 : ekrn.exe
       Get Variable
         Parameter 1 : 0
         Parameter 2 : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Info\ProductCode
         Parameter 3 : ProductCode
             OS Type : 0
       Get Variable
         Parameter 1 : 0
         Parameter 2 : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\Info\InstallDir
         Parameter 3 : InstallDir
             OS Type : 0
       Execute File
         Parameter 1 : #InstallDir#callmsi.exe
         Parameter 2 :  /x #ProductCode# /qn /promptrestart
         Parameter 3 : 1
             OS Type : 0
       Write Script Log Entry
         Parameter 1 : NOd 32 uninstall finished.
             OS Type : 0
       Write Script Log Entry
         Parameter 1 : NOD32 was not detected
             OS Type : 0

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  • Says the guy named Ghettomaster... Instead of whining, how about doing something about it? Email your sales rep or Bendan and let them know what is good, and what is bad about the new forum. Let them know whats missing so they can IMPROVE it.

    Regarding the bonehead (HardKnoX) who was looking to make a dime off of ya, I do agree that his kind of answer doesn't fit the whole spirit of these forums (he would have replied to you the same way in the old forum too!). Maybe it would be nice of him to join in with the "lets help each other out" philosophy of these forums.

  • @ghettomaster

    I don't work for Kaseya don't get paid for any of the helpful responses I have posted (not even in stars it seems) nor do I expect to just thought it would be funny as I see so many of these script request post especially from ppl who don't even bother to give it a go them selves.

    @David Bourgeois

    Really don't know what to say so I won't bother...

  • @HardKnox  ..... Cheers!!! I'd like this but I forgot we're not on Facebook ! Next time add a smiley  :D

    @myArch-man : can you add the other script that checks the reg key? I've got a vbscript that I've sort of got working that does the same but if you've got one working in kaseya that could really help with automation in other areas as well.

  • Hi All,

    I do work for Kaseya and I can tell you that this forum is only as good as the people on it.  I've seen HardKnoX post some really valuable info on these boards and I don't think he had any ill intentions.  Let's just move on and keep collaborating as much as we can.  

    HardKnoX - If it makes you feel any better, I answer a lot of questions and get no stars either :)  

    - Max

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  • I could use some beer money too. :) In order to get anything out of scripting, you need good logic and deductive reasoning skills. This is also a prereq to being a good IT support person.

    With that said, when i was a begineer kaseya scripter, I looked to this forum to help me understand. It was the scripts posted in the forum that gave me understanding, and some nice nuggets too.

    Most of the scripts I've used from the forum do not work "out of the box". They need tweaking to fit your needs, and it is this process that will make you a master scripter. Only then will you be able to make your own. This NOD32 uninstall script took about 40 minutes to create, however, if I didn't have any scripting experience, I'd never get there.

    YES! I do deserve to get paid for my scripts. Karma demands me to give back to the forum, and I will get paid back some way.

  • this is sad, but I just figured out we could add stars :D

  • @Max Pruger

    Since we have your attention. How much resources in personel does Kaseya put into the forums? How often are YOU expected to join discussions and offer advice?

    The reason why I am here is that I get faster/quicker responses from people here than Kaseya support themselves. That's a thumbs up to the more veteran guys around here.

    I don't mind building a community, I just hope that Kaseya isn't expecting us to do the support for you guys.

  • @ brandon kim

    I can 2nd your support issues, but I can say that when ever I call into Ksupport someone answers the phone (they may not have the answer but they pick up).

    @ Max Pruger  -- brandon makes a good point, Can people who post on the forums get a discount on maintenance and support fees?

  • @danrche... I posted the add/remove script here:


    It is someone elses script from the old k forum. It comes in handy to find uninstall strings for possible further scripting.

  • How much resources in personel does Kaseya put into the forums?  

    > We have an admin, Brendan Cosgrove, who's sole job is to build out the Kaseya Community.  He has dedicated resources for different parts of the forum.  What you see today is just the tip of the iceberg.

    How often are YOU expected to join discussions and offer advice?  

    > There is no expectation, I post because I've been with Kaseya a long time and even though I'm a sales guy, my background is IT.  For those who know me, they know that I am always happy to help when I can.  That said, I know several Kaseya employees that post on a regular basis.  Brendan, Ben, Jeff & I are just a few.

    @danrche - I have no control over support or maintenance fees but hopefully you get as much out of the forums as you put in.  I did notice you got 5 stars on that question :)

  • Thanks Max.

    I think the more the merrier, whether regular veteran folks who know Kaseya or Kaseya employees. I try to catch Brendan when I can, I know he's busy so I don't bother him too much.

    I look forward to conversing with you and others here in the community.....