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UAC issues

  • Hey guys,


    How is everyone getting around User Account Control issues with windows 7/vista/server 2008 machines?


    It would be nice to be able to install oasis via loginscript/group policy without UAC complaining or disabling UAC.

    I have a partal way at the moment which is a bat file to check if the application folder exists and if it does to not even start the kcsetup.exe but if kaseya is not installed users still get a UAC prompt once.


    Has anyone found a better way or a way to make a kaseya msi???

  • The "Agent > LAN Discovery > Install Agents" function works great for me without any UAC prompts all you need is at least one agent in the network with LAN Watch configured and running.

    I deployed around 70 agent within 15min doing it this way. The Kaseya GPO deployment feature was very messy the last time I used it making a policy for each machine you want to deploy the agent too and doing it via GPO or logon script requires a logoff / logon or a reboot where the "Install Agent" function only needs the machine to be connected and on the network.

    I have had a few troubled installs but most of the time they were caused by Windows firewall or 3rd party internet security and firewall products.

  • The GPO that Kaseya makes is still pretty ugly but it works well. I still prefer using the LAN Watch "method"

    I'm not sure what Oasis is so I'm not sure what kind of switche it'll take, but in Win 7 you can disable and re-enable UAC with out needing a reboot so if you're crafty enough you can script it up nicely