Here is a simple way to get info into the script log from the run shell command.

When running an execute from shell command you can pipe the results to a log file then use the get variable from file option to read the contents of that log.


Script Name: Net View
Script Description: Looks for file shares on the machine and writes c:tempcomputershares.txt

IF True
Execute Shell Command
Parameter 1 : net view %computername% >> c:tempcomputershares.txt
Parameter 2 : 0
OS Type : 0
Get Variable
Parameter 1 : 1
Parameter 2 : c:tempcomputershares.txt
Parameter 3 : computershares
OS Type : 0
Write Script Log Entry
Parameter 1 : #computershares#
OS Type : 0
Delete File
Parameter 1 : c:tempcomputershares.txt
OS Type : 0

This will run the command net view and list all file shares on the computer this ran. This is helpful when running a report against this script and looking at what people have file shares on machines.

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