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Scheduling Agent Procedures

  • I am building an Agent Procedure to distribute some software which can update a couple of times a week.

    Trying to understand the best way to set this up when using the schedule feature.

    When scheduling Agent Procedures for a one off run, if the Skip if Offline is not ticked means that the AP will run once the agent checks in, right?

    This is OK if the user is away for a day or so but what happens if there is a newer update available via a  AP  before the previous AP has ran and the user is on say annual leave? I assume the APs will queue (unless there is a timeout option somewhere)?

    Not sure if there is a way of cancelling the same AP before running it again via scripting itself.

    Would I be better setting the occurrence on a Daily basis and tick the Skip if offline option?

    Also can anyone explain the Script Prompts tab please and how I would use this?

    Any advice would be grateful.

    [edited by: Chris Y at 7:14 AM (GMT -7) on Jun 11, 2020]
  • HI Chris

    If you create the procedure so it writes the installation file from the "Managed Files" location on the VSA .. then all you need to do is ensure you update the file on the VSA as new versions come along.

    For any machine where the procedure hasn't run yet , then updating the file version on the VSA would mean when the AP does run for any offline(now online) machines they will just write the latest version of the file and use it for the install.

    OR .. if the file is being retrieved from a 3rd party website then write the file to the Agent using the GETURL step instead so again .,. when the procedure runs it would get the file directly from the vendor which I guess you'd need to assume would always be the latest version

    You could also look at using the Software management Module as it is actually designed to do this

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response.

    The Agent Procedure has some display message dialog boxes, one to warn the user of the impending update so they can save their work and another on completion of the update.

    Where several APs are queued I was worried the user will see these message several times over. I guess I could remove them instead and ensure the updates are done first thing in the morning to avoid the prompt to save work etc.

    You mentioned that I may be able to use Software Management to achieve this. Could you possibly flesh this out for me as I thought this was for OS and 3rd party apps (Chrome, Adobe etc) rather than custom software.

  • Chris Y,  Software Management would work if you are trying to install a 3rd party software product that is supported (of which there are few).   There is also an old Software Deployment module (leveraged Ninite).

    This is easy to do, by doing what you proposed.   Just schedule it to Run Once.   Then all you need to do is keep the install file updated, either on the VSA itself or by updating the URL inside the Agent Procedure.   You can update the Agent procedure and it will run the NEW AP, not the original one, when the agent comes online and executes it.