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  • services_reg.zip
    I have noticed in several posts, that people sometimes have issues with services, whether they be running or not. I know that Kaseya can do a lot with services, but sometimes a good reg file is the right solution.

    I have created 2 reg files, one for home, and one for pro (XP only on this post.)

    When you download and open these files, you will seea listing at the top showing the service logic.




    With these reg files you can customize your control of all windows services with a single script. (I personally find these invaluable.) In fact, I have a few different versions of these depending upon the level of speed and security required.

    This should be a complete list of all "native" windows services. Kaseya and any thrid party services are not included in these scripts.

    I have tested these scripts for years, and have never had a single issue with them ever. " thousands of computers have had a version of this reg file run on it. " With that said, these are provided as-is, without warranty. USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    When you need to control services, I think that"OPTIONS" is the answer to most problems. I am providing these reg files to the kaseya crowd in hopes of them making your jobs just a little easier on those hairy days that nothing seems to go right, and of course on the days that everything is bright and sunny too.

    They are not copyrighted, they are not signed. Make them your own.

    One last thought. I made these pre SP2, so I have not updated the originals with wondows firewall, and securitycenter on this post, but if you look at the format, you will see just how easy it is to mod and control all services listed in the services tab of Windows.

    Post your modified versions back to help your fellow IT bretheren. Tell me what you think as well.


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  • registry tweaks_Level_3.zip
    I thought I would add some more fun in here when playing with the registry. This registry tweak file shows that you can control other process as well as services. This reg file will add performance changes, menu changes, display changes, etc...

    I will typically run a script like this once a week on all clients that have asked that it be utilized on their systems.

    This registry tweak will ABSOLUTELY modify the way windows runs, and looks so play with it first.

    i am providing it as is with NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT!.


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